Day 22: Edmonton

Thursday, 19. July 2007, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Downtown Edmonton. Edmonton is the capital of Canadian province Alberta. With 730,000 residents it’s for one month the last really large city on our route.

Edmonton-Downtown. Edmonton ist die Hauptstadt der kanadischen Provinz Alberta und mit 730.000 Einwohnern für einen Monat die letzte wirklich große Stadt auf unserer Route.


Party poster


Church in a former cinema. They didn’t change much, just the movie title.

Kirche in einem ehemaligen Kino. Viel umgebaut haben sie nicht. Nur den Filmtitel ausgetauscht.


Promotion for a / Werbung für ein / Bodybuilding Studio.


In the afternoon we went to the West Edmonton Mall, the largest Mall in the world with 500,000 square metres sales floor. It was built by a Armenian Persian family clan. Besides over 600 shops there are way more absorbing things to discover like this indoor rollercoaster, part of an indoor amusement park called Galaxyland. All following photos were taken inside the mall.

Nachmittags waren wir in der West-Edmonton-Mall, der mit 500.000 qm Verkaufsfläche größten Mall der Welt. Erbaut wurde sie von einem armenisch-persischen Familienklan. Interessanter als die über 600 Geschäfte fanden wir allerdings das wahnwitzige Drumherum wie z.B. diese Achterbahn im Galaxyland, einem Hallenvergnügungspark. Der Park wie auch alles nachfolgende befindet sich in der Mall.



A Railroad goes through whole Galaxyland.

Eisenbahnlinie durch das gesamte Galaxyland.


Centre of the mall: an icerink.

Mittelpunkt der Mall: eine Schlittschuhbahn.


Flamingos from a breeding farm in a 30 sqaure metre glass cage.

Flamingos aus einer Aufzuchtstation in einer 30-qm-Glasvitrine, mitten in der Mall.


Also in the mall: the world’s largest indoor swimming pool…

Auch in der Mall: das weltgrösste Hallenbad…


… with the largest wave pool. / …und gleichzeitig das größte Wellenbad.


Pirate lagoon on a side arm of the mall.

Piratenlagune in einem Seitenarm der Mall.


You can rent this pirate ship for your party.

Das Piratenschiff kann man auch für Partys mieten.


Top: European Boulevard with christmas decoration. Bottom: minigolf rubber playground.

Oben: European Boulevard mit Weihnachtsdeko. Unten: Minigolf-Gummispielplatz.

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12 thoughts on “Day 22: Edmonton”

  1. Gerade gefunden in einem Interview mit Amazon: William Gibson beschreibt seinen ersten Besuch in Second Life:

    I went as the guy that I cooked up when signed up, so nobody knew it was me. And actually it was like a cross between being in some suburban shopping mall on the outskirts of Edmonton in the middle of winter and the worst day you ever spent in high school.

    Er lebt in Vancouver, dürfte also eigene Erfahrungen mit eurer Shopping Mall haben. Offenbar keine guten.

  2. lol i live in edmonton and trust me, the water park and the amusement park really sucks once uve been to it 1,000s of times

  3. teehee i h8 this mall so much it sucks ass, just kiddin its ok, the people who built it madeit with the crappiest materials so it isnt very strong and the waterpark has serious cockroach problems! enjoy and by the way, the best slide (blue bullet) is closed permanently just so u know

  4. I grew up in Edmonton, and the Mall…well, it’s a gigantic mall… not what you should be coming to Edmonton for; it’s got lots more going for it as a city than just this massive mall (But having said that, winter here lasts seven months!).

    Come in the summer and enjoy warm, sunny weather and almost continuous outdoor festivals of all kinds, from April to August!
    See the real Edmonton, under the biggest, bluest sky in North America!

  5. The west Edmonton mall has all the new stores but if you haven’t been there a lot make sure you grab the maps. It is not easy to get around if you do not know where you are going. For me, the Galaxy land, movie theatre and the water park are the best in West Edmonton Mall. WEM is sort a far from the rest of the attractions in Edmonton so if you are going to be going to other places in Edmonton call our Transit link. The phone number will be on any bus stop sign.
    I recommend you to visit the mall once you go to Edmonton. Let yourself experience the enjoyment when you are in the biggest mall in the world!

  6. I agree with to terry when you said “it’s got lots more going for it as a city than just this massive mall”. There are a lot of cool places in Edmonton where you can spend your summer vacation with your family. But during the winter you can spend it by going to the gigantic mall in Edmonton and enjoy with the company of your friends and loved ones.

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