My Other Blogs

Here is an overview of some more blogs published by me, Peter Schildwächter. To stay updated use the available RSS feeds or related Social Media channels. You can also follow my work on these accounts: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn

Peter Schildwächter Blog
This one you’re on right now. About my Graphic Design, Light Art and other own projects plus lots of Street Photography, Travel Posts (e.g. these); bilingual English and German; [RSS Feed]

Petaflop Tumblr
Personal Tumblr · Graphic and Typography Inspiration · Fogs and Forests · Remarkable Stuff; [Archive Overview]; [RSS Feed]; related channel: Pinterest

Tech Aesthetiks · Komputer Kuriosities · Digi Beauties · Pixel Art · Synthesizers and 16-Bit · Techno Age Dreams  It’s more fun to kompute!; [Archive Overview]; [RSS Feed]; related channel: Pinterest;

I heart Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf Photo Blog; [Archive Overview]; [RSS Feed]; related channels: Twitter, Facebook;
“Der ME-Blog – Neanderthal-Stadt Mettmann und Neanderland (Kreis Mettmann)”; German posts about my hometown Mettmann next to Düsseldorf and the surrounding area including the Neandertal (Neander Valley), where the first remains of the Homo neanderthalensis were found in 1856; [Archive Overview]; [RSS Feed]; related channels: Twitter, Facebook; Mettmann-Metzkausen: Twitter, Facebook;

Twin Peaks 3
Twin Peaks Fandom Blog and Memes; [Archive Overview]; [RSS Feed]; related channel: Twitter

swtfa (Star Wars The Force Awakens)
Star Wars Fandom Blog and Memes; [Archive Overview]; [RSS Feed]

Khaki Color
In love with Khaki, Olive, Earth Tones <3 · Color Tumblr and Mood Board; [Archive Overview]; [RSS Feed]; related channel: Pinterest

From the past and not in maintenance:

A famous German Meme from 2013; [Archive Overview]; [RSS Feed];

Düsseldorf Blender
Not a blog but an event calender for electronic music, art and sub culture in Düsseldorf I ran from 2002 – 2012. Still online with a large archive for documentary reasons.; related channels: Twitter, Facebook (had some thousand fans on Facebook but got an offer for the vanity url “” I could not refuse)