Day 13: Winnipeg

Tuesday, 10. July 2007, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


Breakfast in our hotel bed. What a luxury after the days before.

Frühstück im Hotelbett. Was für ein Luxus nach den vergangenen Tagen.

Our room at… / Unser Zimmer im… / Marlborough Hotel, 331 Smith Street, Winnipeg.


Laptop with laptop lock in the walk-in closet.

Laptop mit Laptopschloss im begehbaren Kleiderschrank.


Skyhall above our hotel room on the eigths floor.

Festhalle im achten Stock direkt über unserem Hotelzimmer.

Marlborough Hotel


Apparently in Winnipeg they actually have Vietnamese Mennonites.

In Winnipeg gibt es offensichtlich sogar vietnamesische Mennoniten.


Warehouse 242, Princess Street.

Lots of Indian people in Winnipeg – they’re rather called First Nation here.

Viele Indianer in Winnipeg – hier nennt man sie eher First Nation.

Princess Street – in a large rummage shop / in einem großen Trödelladen


When I asked for an oil lamp for camping the white haired owner tried to palm some ‘fire sticks’ for a pocket hand warmer off on me. I told her that I don’t need something like that in summer.

Als ich nach einer nicht vorhandenen Petroleumlampe zum Campen fragte, wollte mir die weißhaarige Inhaberin Kohlestifte für Taschenhandwärmer verkaufen. Ich sagte ihr, dass ich das im Sommer nicht brauche.


Upstairs / Im oberen Stockwerk





The milelong freigthliners are hauled by multiple locomotives. In rural districts they delayed our trip several times. In Winnipeg they overpass downtown.

Die kilometerlangen, von mehreren Lokomotiven gezogenen Güterzüge, die uns auf dem Land schon mehrfach aufgehalten haben, rollen auf Trassen auch durch Downtown Winnipeg.


In the supermarket: Faces to hang on trees.

Im Supermarkt: Gesichter zum an den Baum hängen.

First Nation Shop in our hotel / Indianergeschäft in unserem Hotel

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5 thoughts on “Day 13: Winnipeg”

  1. Love to see those pictures of Winnipeg, thats my home town and I own that 242warehouse building with a couple of other guys.
    Ironically, my wife and I are travelling around the world right now and just left Germany (she is a first Nations person but everyone we meet asks where she’s from, we say Canada, then they say, did your father come from, we say Canada and they get very confused because they think she’s from South America or something).
    As far as Winnipeg goes you should have rented a canoe and paddled up the river. That might have been more interesting. I love it there but thats because I know all the good spots. Good luck with your travels.

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