15 thoughts on “At Work (1)”

  1. obviously this a fantastic house ..When i see this picture I supposedly i want to buy that such wonderful sofa.. I think its dearly prized …I just wish that i buy that kind of sofa …thanks for sharing this picture..


  2. Offensichtlich ist dies ein fantastisches Haus .. Als ich dieses Bild, das ich angeblich Ich möchte, dass diese wunderbare Sofa kaufen sehen .. Ich glaube, seine innig begehrt … Ich wünschte nur, dass ich diese Art von Sofa kaufen … thanks for sharing dieses Bild ..


  3. i got to say, you have a very cozy working environment, the sofa looks so comfortable and the background is green, so refreshing to the eye if you want to have a break, well everything is like heaven if you work for your own, no boss or manager, hehehe.. cool place, i would love to have one like that, thanks for sharing your working place :D

  4. Very great workplace you have there.. Do you have any suggestions to maximize my workplace? or add some designs to give more colors and life to my office..

  5. As a designer, I often work at home and I know about the important elements of well designed working places and the importance of them!

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