Day 94: Clayton, Dumas, Amarillo

Saturday, 29. September 2007, New Mexico, Texas, USA.


Village cinema or video store in Clayton, New Mexico…

Dorfkino oder Videothek in Clayton, New Mexico…


„Wow: 5 Jahre und immer noch da!“


The recent doggy collection in a Walmart in Dumas, Texas

Die aktuelle Kollektion für’s Hündchen, in einem Walmart in Dumas, Texas


Nearly every big supermarket has such a dog department.

Eine solche Hundeabteilung gab es in fast jedem größeren Supermarkt.


The Cadillac Ranch on Interstate 40 in Amarillo, Texas

Die Cadillac Ranch an der Interstate 40 in Amarillo, Texas


In 1974 the art group Ant Farm dug ten Caddilacs nose-first into the ground.

1974 steckte hier die Künstlergruppe Ant Farm zehn Cadillacs kopfüber in den Boden.




There was a kid’s birthday arriving in a Stretch Hummer, armed with spray cans. It seems you have to leave a mark, when you come here. The field around the cadillacs was full of empty cans.

Mit uns anwesend war ein im Stretch-Hummer vorgefahrener Kindergeburtstag, bewaffnet mit Sprühdosen. Wer hier hinfährt, muss sich anscheinend auch verewigen: im Umkreis von 20 Metern lag der Acker voller leerer Sprühdosen.

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4 thoughts on “Day 94: Clayton, Dumas, Amarillo”

  1. I remember passing the Cadillac Ranch in a Greyhound bus in 1994, bound for L.A. I was told it was called the Cadillac Cemetary, not Ranch. I also don’t remember that there were as many upturned cars there as these pictures show. Either my memory fails me, or else, some cars have been added since I saw it in ’94.

  2. Hey Phil, check out the Wikipedia link: It says “Cadillac Ranch … was originally located in a wheat field, but in 1997 the installation was quietly moved by a local contractor two miles (three kilometers) to the west, to a cow pasture along Interstate 40, in order to place it further from the limits of the growing city.” The official artist’s page refers to 10 Caddilacs. “At the end of two weeks (in May 1974) we had the necessary ten cars and a spare.”

  3. This is a very nice installation art! I have seen this on Discovery channel couple of years ago. This became one of the art symbols of America i think… I wonder how much did this cost for these guys in 1974 to build this?

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