Day 40: Tonsina, Chitina…

Monday, 06. August 2007, Alaska, USA.


Last evening on our campground in Telkien we met John, a heavy equipment road work driver from Fairbanks. As nearly all Alaskans we met, he had a lot of work in summer and nothing to do in winter. He asked if we were interested in haunted houses. “Certainly we are!” was our reply. He told us to go to the Tonsina River Lodge and ask for the “haunted room”, what we did. It is located in the old abandoned lodge besides the new one.

Auf unserem Campingplatz in Telkien trafen wir gestern Abend John aus Fairbanks, einen Fahrer von schwerem Gerät im Strassenbau. Wie fast alle Alaskaner hat er nur im Sommer viel zu tun und zwei bis drei Jobs gleichzeitig, im Winter ruht er sich aus. Der Winter ist bei vielen Alaskanern trotz der Kälte und Dunkelheit beliebter als der Sommer: Trocken, keine Moskitos, nichts zu tun. John wollte wissen, ob wir an Spukhäusern Interesse hätten, was wir natürlich bejahten. Wir sollten doch mal zur Tonsina River Lodge fahren. Im alten, verlassenen Gästehaus hätten sie ein Zimmer, in dem es spukt.


After having breakfast in the new building we asked the waitress. She told us to go to room #18 on third floor of the old house. Everything’s open.

Nach unserem Frühstück in der neuen Lodge nebenan fragten wir die Kellnerin. Sie sagte wir sollten im alten Haus zu Zimmer 18 im dritten Stock gehen, alles sei offen.


In the old lodge… / In der alten Lodge…





… third floor… / … dritter Stock…


… next door left, video cam ready, anything could happen…

… nächste Tür links, die Videokamera im Anschlag waren wir auf alles gefasst…


… Room 18. A bed, a desk, bibles, beer bottles, old newspapers, a hand written letter to the ghost…

… Zimmer 18. Bett, Schreibtisch, Bibeln, leere Bierflaschen, alte Zeitungen, ein handgeschriebener Brief an den Geist…


… and a dead magpie. Unfortunately no ghost appearance :-(

… und eine tote Elster. Leider keine Erscheinung :-{


Ramshackle hut in the half ghost town Chitina.

Bruchbude in der Fast-Geisterstadt Chitina.


From here we will take the McCarthy Road into the Wrangell St. Elias National Park.

Von hier fahren wir die McCarthy Road in den Wrangell-St.Elias-Nationalpark.


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4 thoughts on “Day 40: Tonsina, Chitina…”

  1. HI Interesting place you visited. I found it because I was looking for a picture of an old rusty car. and I like the one you have posted here. I am wondering if that is a picture you took and if it is I wonder if you would give me the permission to use it on a trading card I make for the children in our community. The cards are sold for a fundraiser. Can you email me with your answer? Thanks in advance.

  2. I lived in Tonsina 1949 to 1951 Bill Augdin owned Tonsina lodge then nice old man I know the area very well as I was only a child but went fishing a lot and explored all the trails also know where all the gold mines are witch is 5. I have a picture of me holding a 5 foot king samen . the lodge was A meeting place for all the people how lived in the area at that time the place was a wildlife dream.

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