Make Facebook positive again


No matter which topic: Equality, climate crisis, meat alternatives, green energy, tolerance, minority rights, things they don’t understand, whatever. The haters will find it and set their laughing LOL Emoji under every serious, not funny post to show their simple-minded disrespect. Thousands of likes and hearts and some ten or twenty haters laughing at it. And they are getting the same attention by Facebook like all the other thousands likes and hearts. I am so tired of seeing this. It makes Facebook one of the most negative networks. That’s why I made this little Jpeg. I post it as a comment wherever I see this dumb Facebook reaction emphasis.

I don’t think Facebook will change this reaction summary of three Emojis of same size to a more realistic and balanced illustration in the near future, but the solution is dead simple. Instead of Likes, use more Heart and Wow reactions on posts and comments. As often as possible. That’s it.

Only a few people need to join to make it work. Let’s go and silence the haters. Make Facebook positive again. Right click or tap and hold the Jpeg to save and share it :)

Some posts don’t allow images in comments. In that case I comment a short URL to this blog post like this: “Tired of these haters with their LOL emojis?“. This will also show a preview of the image.

Here is my public Facebook post, if you’d like to share it directly.


Update mid of January 2020: Facebook did it! They changed their reaction summary and are hiding little-used Emojis depending on the total number of reactions. Thank you, Facebook. :)


Update mid of December 2020: What Facebook did does not work that well, especially when the reaction numbers are low. I still see the haters provocating a lot with LOL emojis. So I still use the method above. Sometimes I even check out the emoji balance to use my reaction tactically by choosing the most needed emoji.