Wish you pleasant golden Twenties

Happy new decade


Japanese Ginkgo Hand Fan Vintage Illustration

New Print available at Society6: A Japan garden culture Collage/Edit by Peter Schildwächter with a vintage illustration by Anton Seder from the year 1887. A japanese hand fan with beautiful Ginkgo Leafs in a warm summer light with the red dot of the japanese flag.

Japan garden culture Illustration by Anton Seder and Peter Schildwächter. A japanese hand fan with beautiful Ginkgo Leafs in a warm summer light with te red dot of the japanese flag

ASCII Ribbon Campaign against HTML in Mail and News

ASCII Ribbon Campaign against HTML in Mail and News - Poster Art Print

ASCII Lovers hold back! Your time has come again. This will look great on the wall of your coding hell or your web wizard office. Celebrate the purity of pixel free low memory usage. Love your roots. This was our mail footer back in the golden days and is my latest on demand graphic.

Art prints and products available at Society6.

Nächster Antivideo-Termin / Flyer-Design: Electronic Night 26.9.2009

Next PETAFLOPS ANTIVIDEO slide projection light art installation by Peter Schildwächter, free admission:


Nächste PETAFLOPS-ANTIVIDEO-Ansiblumenschau, PFAV-Projetorenschmelze und Lichtstrahlenprahlen in 4800 dpi:

Samstag, 26.9., 22h, zakk, Fichtenstr. 40, Düsseldorf-Flingern-Süd, Eintritt frei!
3-Tage-Rennen: Electronic Night
Petaflops Antivideo: Lichtinstallation von Peter Schildwächter mit ca 15 Projektoren. Live: Der Räuber und der Prinz, Lorenz Rhode, Lucas Croon, Peaks and Shadows, DJs: Patrick Specke , Vladimir Ivkovic, Manuel Falkenberg, VJ: Bilderwilderer. Mehr Infos auf >antivideo.petaflop.de und im >Blender


Flyerdesign: Peter Schildwächter


PETAFLOP Posterdesign: 3TR 2009


Poster-Design by Peter Schildwächter: 3-Tage Rennen, Festival der Düsseldorfer Musikszene, 24.-26.9.2009, zakk, Düsseldorf, Germany. >PDF