New Flyer Design: 3 Tage Rennen 2008

live: Summercold + Thoai-Hong Thu + Notaufnahme! + RubberDucky - 3-Tage-Rennen-2008-Newcomer-Night-25.09.2008-Zakk-Duesseldorf-PETAFLOP.DE-graphics-flyer-design-A

3-Tage-Rennen-2008-In-the-City-26.09.2008 - FFT, People Clubbar, Spektakulum, Stone - live: Benevolent, Red Desert, Derby, Metrophon, Eve Adam, Moonshine Gamblers, The GTO's, Dead Drunk Society, Daniel Flay, Fléque, Roomers - Duesseldorf-PETAFLOP.DE-graphics-flyer-design-B.jpg

Flyer Graphic by Peter Schildwächter

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